Rue Royale Nottingham, UK

Rue Royale is an Anglo-American Alternative-Indie-Folk band.

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Track Name: Adhesive
up all night, you carry me
through tomorrow like a falling tree
nought could ever separate
adhesive that binds our fate
setting out, we're on our own
nothing out there is carved in stone
where we're headed, who could know
adhesive will hold us close

hold us close, hold us close

all i had was black and white
a one dimension, colourless eye
you arrived and painted in
all the colour that was hidden
time had movement of it's own
i said movement was my home
then you came and settled things
the colour came flooding

hold us close, hold us close

if we come across a day
when the sky gives words away
would you take me by the hand
even though i had it wrong again
Track Name: Locked Into It
single eye and an echo
i keep banging on of what i've naught
pick it up, i keep scheming
i keep feeling that the world is wrought

I get locked into the feeling
i get locked into what i've naught
i get locked into the feeling
i get locked into it, locked into it

with a lie and a paint brush
cover up the feeling i am lost
but i float up to the ceiling
and i take with me it, take with me it
take with me it, take with me it
take with me it, take with me it

who am i if not an island
cause my back is covered in the muck
and the feet that keep striding
treading over and over, over and over
over and over, over and over
over and over me
Track Name: Are We Too Close
of all the fishes in the sea
there's none that draw me in so deep
we hold together like we're one
and all this water takes it's toll

i want you the most
are we too close

we've been to where all is black
we've been there and we came back
this may not be the safest place
but we're unbroken and here we'll remain

i want you the most
are we too close

from way down in the deepest deep
it's hard to recognise a thing
it's every swimmer for them self
we lose our anchor and head for the air
Track Name: Linear Lies
something that you told me, that don't feel right
something that you said, something that you read
and it's playing with my head
and i'm mulling it over

can we do a run through before our time
so we have a plan, so we understand
if it's out of our hands
are we're screwing with the order

we are so alive

working on a theory that we're alright
when you hold my hand, mae b's in her bed
i'm praying it's not over
and that we're only getting closer

what if I told ya when i'm with you
and all of our flaws, all of our stains
that i would do it all over
and i wouldn't change a thing
Track Name: At a New Pace
is there time
is there time enough to form it up
the window closed or fallen shut
my mind can't help but wonder it
are we stuck
stuck inside with broken backs
broken from the weight of falling
to the whole new world we're in

as we face
look into the nothing that's
only right outside our window
our blood runs cold and we step back
to rebuild
we pick up stones one by one
giving each a special name
building up brand new shape

and as we carry on, we do
at a new pace
if only to move forward and not
to stand in place

hazy days
faded lines make up a plan
how we see the world behind us
leads us to another step
with a jolt
we wake up to another stand
too blurred to understand the figure
too difficult to comprehend
Track Name: Awakened
when we came back, we found our home was empty
we fell through the door and laid in a pile, reflecting echoes
the garden had grown up over the walls; it was over
we knew it was time to pick ourselves up and get this home in order

we had become people who live on the border
the border between the way it should be and a disorder
pushing aside our average need for a connection
tied like a root stuck in the ground to one another

wanting to keep true to the course our feet had taken
together we drew, we drew up a plan that found us naked
we'd start a family all of our own, and we'd make it
moving ahead into the call we had awakened

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