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Remedies Ahead

by Rue Royale

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I've been warned that if I don't hold on tight That I would bleed it out And though I've kept hold of many things Be sure I've changed my grip To manage I confess Been told of many wondrous things Yet still I can't decide Between this heart and head of mine There lay a great divide Before I'm taken off somewhere  within a dream at night And if I wake while in midair I hope that I would find Where your head lay that night
Not long until we're there it's in the air How long until we're there I wouldn't dare Speculate the journey ahead I've heard the heavens are storm-less there We've left a dried up river bed heading for the promise land I've got a glass jar of memories I've been collecting old tragedies I've heard of remedies And we set out to discover the remedies And we'll stay out until we run into remedies We've chosen quiet ways around the bend We've sought alternate ways in our head We've taken consequence I'll drive the sun is burning or eyes You drive us through the night, tired eyes Hoping our bearing's right
Tiny Parcels 02:36
What if I could gather all the souls in the world Leave them wrapped like tiny parcels outside your door Would you let me see the inside of your house I've been waiting here for years I've been knocking on this door for years Not a whisper have I heard with these ears Are you here or are you gone What if I could fabricate a love Would you hold me like a china doll Would you pull me from this mess I've fallen in Cos I'd rather be found on your shelf  Than the places that I take myself Than the places that I feel like hell Should I tarry and keep waiting here Should I turn around and walk instead
I was somebodies baby I was somebodies child And in a grown up world I was afraid of the dark And in my later years now I've got the widest of eyes and I've accepted the dark times are in between all the lights You pull me like a string you You pull me right in two You put me out to the darkness and pull me back to you You pull me like a string you You pull me right in two You cause me to go blind yet I still look for you I'm moving onwards and upwards, I've got to pull it to You've been the biggest thorn but I'm addicted to you Before I have my own baby, before I have my own child I've got to straighten my vision and get these eyes aligned
As you see there is a war in me that really cannot hide To move the darkest clouds aside Long ago I told myself a lie I since have made it right To move the darkest clouds aside Out from under dark cloud canopies Is it all in my head, has it all been a dream There are times that I seek out your face deep in a lucid dream To move the darkest clouds aside Never have I gazed into your eyes but damn if I ain't tried to move the darkest clouds aside Only if I overcome the obstacles within my head I'll move the darkest clouds aside
It's a long, dark, lonely walk All the way to the living room And I sure hope that we can talk When I bring my plea to you Almost ghostly in I walk I can barely breathe or talk It's reflecting in your eyes That you're far too hurt to cry There is air left in our lungs Even when our tongues are sharp With a bruised and busted heart We will do all to carry on
I don't know what to say I'm sorry You are the only one Here I am once again bringing you my pleas You are greater than I deserve Left alone I've a storm banging in my ears Pulling up trees by the root Even though I bring winds carving up islands You leave your door open You are greater than I deserve
Here with my head hung out the window I see what I left behind I would if I could turn back the sunrise To give it another try It was a simple reaction I shouldn't have closed my eyes Caught like a deer wrapped up in car light I missed out on what was mine And with a fear that gripped me so tight I let it fall out of sight It was a pitiful reaction I shouldn't have closed my eyes
Think back to when we were young and it somehow just worked out Think back to then and it al settles in it'll all settle down I know it well the feeling we're both circling 'round I know the roads that we're found on are often paved with doubt Sometimes when I am afraid, overweighted I look behind To see what we have accomplished together to make it right
Got these voices inside me, trying to bring me down Speaking riddles, rhymes and telling stories of where love is found Try as they might, they cannot get me down Spending too much time in dangerous places On the search to find the destination where your treasured face is
With the wings of a dove, here I am and here I come Is this the right lane I'm on I see no right, I see no wrong Ancient are these rolling hills Aged, brought up somewhere else With the step of a waltz, feeling low but walking tall I see a thread running through Oh how I hope it leads to you
Been alive been alive but I just woke up Been here all of my life but I'm picking up Picking up where I left off before I just seized up Can't recall, recall it all cos it was some days ago Been a lot going on and I'm way behind But I'm here and I'm trying and I'll tow the line All I need is a chance a single chance and I'll make it right There's been a mirror in my face and it chokes me up Oh I'm gonna stare into that gaze until they give up Every little step that I take…is progress There's been a clock counting down empty hours here And as the minutes fly by I'm working overtime Working on getting my mind around this road ahead Can't go back Can't go backwards


released September 9, 2013


all rights reserved



Rue Royale Nottingham, UK

Rue Royale is an Anglo-American Alternative-Indie-Folk band.

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